Participated in the Formulation of the First International Standard of Laser Products in China


Recently, the institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) announced a called "industrial fiber laser parameters requirements and test methods" standard, officially become the international standards of this product.This standard was put forward by the National Laser Processing Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and Hubei Standardization Research Institute, which is the first international standard produced on laser products in China.

The national Laser processing industry technology innovation strategic alliance is led and established by HGTECH, aiming at gathering rich innovation resources, realizing industry-teaching-research cooperation, jointly exploring the application prospect of laser, and promoting the long-term development of laser industry.In 2016, the preparatory work for the formulation of the international standard was officially launched, initiated by the industry alliance, which gathers high-quality universities and enterprises such as Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Technology, HG Laser and Raycus.In 2018, the standard was approved by the International Institute of electrical and electronic engineers, and then formulated in strict accordance with the IEEE process. After two years of hard work, the standard has officially become the mainstream international recognized standard.

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