Technical Support : 

        We offer online technical service , our engineers also can fly to your country to offer techinical service and train . 

        Pre sales service

        1. We will be in a working day, according to your needs to provide you with any relevant professional technology or your concern about the response, and mail the relevant samples and product information

        2. Welcome to visit our company at any time, we will provide you with any convenient conditions. If it is not convenient, we will send a professional advice to you, as well as help

        3. We offer a reasonable price for the products you need at the fastest speed.

        Sale service

        1. regardless of the size of the contract, strict implementation of the provisions of the contract we will be on time, quality and quantity of the.

        2. we will carry out a timely return on the implementation of the contract, to ensure that goods, invoices in time to reach the hands of customers safely. And to provide you with the installation, training and other value-added services.

        After-sale Service

        1. when you buy our machines, we will return to set the date to send the machine door, installation, debugging, you need to arrange one operator, by our professional machine trainer training, until you can skilled operation so far.

        2. Two years warranty for fiber laser markig machines, 1 year for RF tube CO2 laser marking machines , 8 months for CO2 glass tube laser marking machines.

        3. When oral approach can not completely solve the problem of failure, if there is a need for our technical engineers will immediately set off, visit the location of the machine, quickly to restore the normal operation of the machine.

        4. Every customer in our global after-sales service information processing system has a separate file, the annual statistical customer set of maintenance records, and to make reasonable recommendations for the user.


        1. if your company's operating personnel in our training of skilled, back to your company for some reason to leave, your company should send new operators to our training! But your company requires on-site training, the need to pay the training fee, and the arrangement of all of my engineer's life costs!

        2. this equipment warranty only for your company, if the equipment Monopoly third party, I will be no obligation to guarantee this equipment, such as the third party need my warranty, need to sign the agreement with me!

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