Essence of Intelligent Manufacturing


Prof. Li Peigen, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineeringthe former president of Huazhong University of Science and Technology visited in October 28th. Taking the development and application of intelligent manufacturing as the breakthrough point, he deeply interprets the essence of intelligent manufacturing and conveys the most cutting-edge trend and thinking in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Ma Xinqiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the board of , Xiong Wen, vice president and other leaders attended the training. The technical R&D leaders of core subsidiaries and employees of intelligent manufacturing headquarters participated in the training.

In the training, Li summarized the essentials of intelligent manufacturing into the following contents: data driven, software definition, virtual and real integration, and overall connection. In addition, he interpreted the contents in simple terms by combining with vivid and specific cases of advanced intelligent manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad.

He said that data is the core element of intelligent manufacturing, from enterprise strategy to design and production to user service, everything depends on data-driven; while software is the basic tool, software truly defines manufacturing by virtue of the experience, knowledge, intelligence of people and data-driven artificial intelligence. Excellent enterprises need to learn to enhance their hard capabilities through soft capabilities.

In the course of training, Li mentioned digital twin technology for many times. He pointed out that the core of industry 4.0 is CPS, and the only one that can best reflect the core of CPS is digital twin. If both of them want to develop continuously, they need a lot of digital intelligent technologies such as 5g, Internet of things, big data, industrial Internet, simulation, etcThe biggest feature of the new generation of intelligent manufacturing is digital twin, which can support the process from innovative concept to product realization and use.

After that, Li exchanged views with Xiong Wen, vice president of , and Deng Jiake, general manager of HG Laser, focusing on "how can promote intelligent manufacturing and achieve high-quality development", and interacted with the people present.Since the establishment of its intelligent manufacturing headquarters last year, has made substantial strides on the road of intelligent manufacturing. From basic devices required for intelligent manufacturing to single intelligent equipment and to overall solutions, there are layout and breakthroughs. During the exchangeLi stressed that in the process of exploring intelligent manufacturing, traditional enterprises should have systematic thinking, put products in a larger application scenario system, and establish a new industry ecology through cross-border collaboration.

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