Breakthroughs Have Been Made in Overseas Market


Affected by CVOID-19, the global economy is going down. In this regard, China has gradually formed a new development pattern based on the domestic circulation and smooth domestic and international dual circulation. HGTECH has always adhered to the internationalization strategy. Since this year, it has actively adjusted its overseas market strategy, seized orders, stabilized customers and expanded its market. By the end of September, overseas sales had increased by 26.6%, with customers covering Asia, Europe, America and Oceania.

In the Ezhou Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park of HGTECH, Marvell 8000w has been packed and ready to go. The equipment will be tested in the factory of German agent, and then across the ocean will arrive at the hands of Canadian customers.

This German agent is a part of HGTECH’s overseas marketing network. It has 15000 customer resources around the world, and its cooperation has provided strong support for the development of cutting machine business in Europe.As a German enterprise, the agent has strict requirements and standards for product quality. The staff will use magnifying glass and ruler to carry out strict quality inspection, and can not accept even 0.1mm cutting error. It is quite difficult to obtain its approval.

In the process of discussion with German agents, HGTECH’profound technical strength, excellent product performance, professional and efficient after-sales service have conquered the German rigorous agent.According to the agens rectification requirements, the companys team completed a total of 43 mechanical, functional and cutting process modifications within 20 days;In order to solve the problems they put forward, debugging engineers repeatedly debug and strive for improvement. Some debug equipment on the customers site during the day, and improve and optimize the agents equipment through remote control system at night.In June this year, through joint efforts of both sides, we successfully obtained the order of Marvell 8000w in Canada.

However, the export road is not smooth sailing, Canadian customers require: products must obtain CSA certification!CSA is the largest safety certification authority in Canada and one of the most famous safety certification organizations in the world. Its products are widely accepted and recognized in the global market, especially in North America.After more than three months of application, testing and evaluation, HGTECH has become the first domestic manufacturer to obtain CSA certification.With the further deepening of the tacit cooperation, through the agent, the company will cooperate with famous German automation loading and unloading equipment and software integrators to complete a local automatic cutting project.

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